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What they are saying...
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Friday, February 17, 2017

A word about "Activist Media Anthropology" [ update: Media Anthropology-Informing Global Citizens, Greenwood, 1994. Foreword by Mary Catherine Bateson]

In 1994 I published the book, Media Anthropology  - Informing Global Citizens (Bergin & Garvey). Some of the ideas from The Tao of Nonviolence had their origins as I tried to persuade journalists to adopt and share more holistic perspectives with their media audiences

To make a long story short, at some point I realized, yes, we need media anthropology - i.e. we need journalists to help inform global citizens by making holistic perspectives available. However, we also needed actual people, by the millions, to become involved in the massive re-education effort to update our worldview -- from dualistic to holistic.

It was then I realized the nonviolence movement of movements was and is such a critical form of self-education and action.
The link between "media anthropology" and the "people power" of nonviolence is partially recorded in my chapter to Media Anthropology (Sage,2005). That chapter is here:

Activist Media Anthropology - Antidote to Extremist Worldviews
Susan L. Allen
Media Anthropology, Rothenbuhler and Coman, 2005


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